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JMT 1.05 Dave Brubeck Takes 5

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JMT 1.03 The Theremin: Ether Music

JMT 1.02 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole: the voice of Hawai'i

JMT 1.01 Pianist Extraordinaire Tiffany Poon

Evening in Paris

The first instrument I chose for myself was the accordion. When I was perhaps 2 years old I was given a toy xylophone which I played incessantly, and I was always keen to get my hands on any other sort of percussion instrument, generally remnants from long discarded music education rhythm bands lying unguarded at the various primary schools I attended.


Curious and curiouser ...


I am only beginning to realise that I grew up hearing terms that were ever so slightly inaccurate. As soon as darkness fell, it was automatically "night". I don't remember ever hearing the word "evening" used by any adult in my sphere. I found it strange that night seemed to shift and appear at different times, especially when we were living abroad and it was rarely night time before I had to go to bed. But I cannot ever remember the use of the word evening outside of literature.

Another example that dates to my youth is that no matter where anyone lived, it was in a "house" and never in an "apartment" unless you were specifically stating that you lived in a row of apartments on such and such street. Even today, sharing a flat, I find myself saying "I have got to clean house" or "Come over to my house and we'll work on it."

If, as a child, I heard the sentence "The Blue family are coming over to our house tonight", that meant the Blues were coming over to the apartment at some unspecified point after darkness fell. No wonder I was a confused child!

My BFF has noticed over the years (admittedly, with some delight) that I sit "in" the floor and never "on" the floor. She once asked precisely how I was accomplishing that feat, and I had absolutely no answer. Even now I tend to say "She is sitting in the floor playing with the cat." Maybe I can get away with saying that is some sort of non-Euclidean geometrical reference to the H P Lovecraft ‘verse? Doesn’t quite work for house and evening, though . . .

I've found these minor distinctions to be an annoyance, and I'm trying (albeit somewhat unsuccessfully) to eradicate them from my vocabulary. I've chosen arbitrary points, as well: evening means 6pm or later, and night doesn't begin until 10pm. Nevertheless, I still find it very easy to say "I'm attending a concert tonight at 7pm" - instead of using the word evening. The word simply doesn't appear to be in the syntax of my brain.

I think I'll go sit in the floor and ponder a bit more . . .

New Mexico Breezes and Candy Floss


Today a bank of clouds settled across the mountain tops like layer upon layer of candy floss. A cool, almost chilly breeze blew down from the mountains as the sun drifted behind lazy strips of near transparent clouds.

Although I have never acclimated, nor completely understood people's attraction to the area, it's times such as these that remind me what I would miss should I leave this place. Of course that is still my pre-eminent desire, as the altitude and dry climate extract a painful toll from me each day. However much I wanted my home to be in Northern climes, I realise that is no longer possible. As much as I long for New York City or the north of England or Paris, France, my body yearns for a climate that is warm and moist.

Naturally I shall cope with whatever curveball life bowls my way; ultimately that's our only choice. But my mind continues to wanders to warmer climes and gentle ocean breezes . . .

Revenge of the Muse



Whether or not this is your first time visiting my blog, I am honoured that you have chosen to spend a bit of your time with me. As the world spins at an increasingly maddening rate, I understand precisely how precious our time is, so thank you for stopping by!

I have failed to blog even sporadically over the past couple of years. Perhaps it simply wasn't the time, but for whatever reason I have kept silent, there are no regrets. Tis far better not to write at all than to share subpar posts with you. Recently I began keeping a digital journal, and since that time I have once again felt the desire to record some musings to share. This post is a tiny step in that direction. 

Happy New Year!


I hadn't realised how long it had been since I'd blogged, but clearly life has gotten in the way of my writing! Several people have kindly asked about my blog in the past couple of months, so this is a brief note of intent. I shan't make any promises about length or content, but I will say that I have been considering short articles about some of the musicians I've presented in classes at OASIS and Osher LLI. 

Watch this space. :)

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