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Dark Sparkles by Tim Fatchen

Welcome to the first of my new music reviews! I hope to make this a regular feature of my blog as I continue to explore my lifelong music addiction. For this first review I ve chosen the latest release by Australian composer and pianist Tim Fatchen, an album entitled Dark Sparkles.

Dark Sparkles is a tour de force. I first heard Fatchen's work on the albums Le Moulin du Bruel and Tidewater and have been eagerly waiting to see in which direction his next release would go. I found the title of this new album a bit curious, as there were so many different ways it could be interpreted. After playing it through a few times I began to understand the ambiguity, as well as its appropriateness; this is an album that can be heard in countless ways depending upon the listener's emotional season.

The composer does not disappoint: 17 neo-classical and new age tracks cover the human emotional spectrum from bittersweet memory to wistful longing, from obsessive angst to clarity of vision; it soars, taking the listener on a journey from the inner dark spaces into the light of contemplative vistas. Introspective yet inviting, Fatchen's compositions lay bare his emotional soul, and we find ourselves taking our own inner pilgrimage through the fabric of his virtuosic solo piano performances.

I'm completely unable to choose any favourite tracks; every piece affects me differently with each new hearing. The album is unique in that it is an emotional voyage not only into Fatchen’s world, but into that of the listener. An essential addition to any music library, Dark Sparkles is a treasure for all seasons.

Buy the album or listen to samples:
CDBaby: www.cdbaby.com/cd/timfatchen3
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/dark-sparkles/id440016934 or your favourite distributor.
Artist website: solopiano.com/artist/timfatchen/

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